Survey & Inspection

Drones are the ideal solution to survey or inspect residential roofs, commercial warehouses, public buildings & structures.

Cheaper, easier to operate &, importantly, safer than manned surveys. There is no more need for ladders or scaffolding”

Whatever the size, the pitch or the height of the building, drones can access any part of the roof and provide high resolution footage of the condition or any damage to tiles, guttering, flashing or chimney stacks.

I can assess any area of the roof, even hidden or completely normally inaccessible areas. Monitoring on screen the survey progress from the drone HD video feed, and taking pictures along the way to evaluate the works to be carried out.

The client can see “live” the condition of the roof via the HD feed.

With stable GPS guided drone technology I can navigate close to & safely to to collect close-up imagery you require.

I can offer periodic aerial surveys, scheduled inspections by drone and construction progress film & photography, allowing clients to show the progress of the works and gather data on procedures, evaluate assets and potential safety issues.

The drones can be flown in total safety from the ground either manually (and focus on any designated point of interest, allowing close-ups and wide aerial visuals of the construction site in its entirety) or flown autonomously (using pre-programmed co-ordinates to take the pictures at the exact same waypoints, (altitude, distance and angle), to generate consistent, seamless professional progress reports.