Price guidelines

As a guide, prices are based upon:


This includes all surveys, risk assessments, up to 30 RAW, unedited images and/or 3 minutes unedited video footage delivered to the client.

Each job is unique so Drone Aerial Photography pricing may vary depending on the complexity, associated risks and location of filming.

To get started on your project use the contact form to send me an outline of your requirements, your location and site address & time frames you’d like to work to if appropriate.

Because all drone flights are covered by CAA regulations I will always carry out a detailed online pre-flight survey before sending you a final NO OBLIGATION quote.

Additional cost considerations:

  • Additional travel (outside of 20 miles from Whitstable, 0.50p per mile);
  • Accommodation;
  • Post editing – i.e. colour grading, adding music, graphics, logo’s, video transitions, etc.
  • Granting of permissions (for flights in restricted airspace, etc)
  • Additional crew/observers/runners

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