“Rigorous & robust attention to planning and risk assessment are at the core of my drone operation, which falls under the jurisdiction of the UK CAA.

Before undertaking your project I will conduct a thorough pre-site survey, an on-site survey & thorough risk assessment prior to launch.

Comprehensive briefings will be given to all involved persons, with constant review of environmental & weather conditions during filming

CAA Certified Operator

Just as in manned aircraft operations my UAV’s are rigorously maintained.

Aircraft will be inspected and checked for their airworthiness & condition pre and post flight.

Bubble Drones Ltd is a member of the DRONESAFE REGISTER and operates under my UK CAA, GVC and A2 CofC privileges.

For your peace of mind & to comply with legislation I maintain public liability insurance with COVERDRONE (EC785/2004 compliant) for £1 million.